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Fresh and Customized  Home Staging

A+D Home Staging is one of the top home staging studios in the GTA Area.  We have a wide selection of home furnishings and we provide a design plan specific to each property. We stay current on buyer trends and we offer staging packages customized for the needs and budget of each client.

The Art of Home 
It is the magical touch of transforming a property from its present state to make it more attractive to potential buyers. A smart way to describe it is by perceiving the entire concept as packaging.

Why Home Staging

The property will sell as soon as possible and for the highest possible price. 
Thornhill House -10.jpg
The staging will make the home appeal to a mass audience in a compelling way.
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Studies show that a 1-3% investment in home staging leads to an 8-10% return.

Home Staging Packages

Don't reduce the price, Increase the appeal. 

Home Staging transforms every listing into a gorgeous model home. We recommend staging the main “impact” rooms of the home, but if your budget permits any or all areas of the property will benefit from staging. We’re happy to provide a staging proposal with 3 options for your property. The proposal will include a 30-day price with a monthly extension.

  • For homes priced more than $ 1.5 M

  • For clients seeking a luxury experience

  • High-end staging design targeted to discerning buyers.

  • Five essential spaces.

  • Professional Photos of entire property and marketing flyers

  • For homes priced $ 900 K - 1.3 M

  • For clients seeking a "WOW" experience

  • Upgraded furniture pieces and accessories.

  • Five essential spaces.

  • Professional Photos of the entire property 

  • For smaller homes priced  less than $750K 

  • Streamlined furniture to delineate spaces and room functions

  • Great for modest homes and clients on a budget

  • Five essential spaces.

         Staging Process

Quotation & Contract
Property Review
Neighbourhood research
Design and Selections
Carefully Packed Items
Staging Installation
Professional Photoshoot
Top Dollar
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