Great Design Begins with a unique story 

A+D is a full Interior Design and Home Staging Studio located in Oakville and Toronto area. The studio has gained national and international reputation specializing in high-end residences, Hospitality, Retail, and Corporate offices. We offer functional, Warm, Cozy, relaxed atmosphere by using authentic materials and high-end craftsmanship. 

Thornhill House -1711.jpg

 Vaughan Residence

The transitional style that combines the best of the two worlds. The style combines straight lines with some curves to create a design that balances masculine and feminine attributes, aiming to create a comfortable and relaxing style. The style focuses on comfort and practicality, to meet the lifestyle of an active household. 

A+D Believe that everyone deserves to live in incredible space that brings the supreme comfort, Lasting value, beauty and innovation. The successful process is based on shared experience, detailed thinking guided by the client`s vision. The most important thing about A+D is the extreme care of clients, their needs and their concerns.


 Poppee Jewelry Store

Store under the golden cloud. Unique geometrical shape made of golden metal frames and rods full with air and penetrated by lights.  This is a small indoor project that offers stunning shopping experience with different scenes in every step.

 The Grand Restaurant and Lounge

Elegant and Upscale restaurant and lounge that can be used by day for lunchtime, business meetings and transformed into a romantic and cozy destination by night. The design objective is to create a high-class elegant and respectable restaurant and lounge. As a result, we have a quality modern European interior, the atmosphere here is stylish, but at the same time cozy and not too formal. In the evening, because of different lighting options, the situation is changing and the restaurant turns into a very romantic place.  .